Ubiq Mobile for Wireless Providers

The Ubiq Mobile platform offers wireless service providers a number of benefits over traditional solutions. Ubiq Mobile enables building fully featured mobile gateways to various services provided by the wireless provider. Applications created with Ubiq Mobile require no SMS/MMS messages and no USSD requests to control, and will work in all data networks from LTE to GPRS.

Quick Deployment

Ubiq Mobile offers an opportunity to enter the mobile market in a snap. Our solution enables the development of universal mobile apps running on all popular platforms including Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone and Java ME without mobile development of any kind. The core logic of Ubiq applications is implemented on a powerful server, while the mobile devices run a platform-specific version of an ultra-thin client, essentially a graphical terminal displaying the results of the server application. With Ubiq Mobile, you can create brand-new applications or build a mobile interface to your existing system.

Supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Java ME

Ubiq Mobile provides the ability to create fully-featured interactive interfaces for a wide range of services offered by a wireless service provider. Applications created with Ubiq Mobile will work on all mobile devices including those running Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone or Java ME. Moreover, Ubiq applications work without the need to send or receive SMS/MMS messages or send USSD requests. This enables mobile service providers to greatly extend functionality of their existing applications and services. Finally, Ubiq Mobile applications can work where no coverage is available, communicating over any available connection such as a Wi-Fi network.

Always Connected

Applications developed with Ubiq Mobile work in all types of wireless networks. LTE, 3D, EDGE or even GPRS will provide smooth usage experience thanks to extremely low bandwidth requirements and modest traffic consumption of Ubiq apps. This allows applications developed with Ubiq Mobile to work in rural and remote areas where high-speed data coverage is not yet available.

Perfect for Wireless Service Providers

The entire core logic of applications developed with Ubiq Mobile is hosted on your very own server. This approach ensures ultimate security and compliance with privacy protection and data communication legislations while allowing wireless service providers collecting and using information from the wireless device in order to identify the user by their phone number or IMEI, receive geolocation coordinates from a built-in GPS receiver, and obtain other information available in the phone.

Easier Content Delivery

Applications made with Ubiq Mobile offer a unique content distribution opportunity without requiring massive downloading. Content distribution is available via a convenient store-like interface. In order to view a picture, read a book or watch a video, the user will not have to download the entire file. As opposed to traditional solutions downloading the entire high-resolution image even if the mobile device has a small, low-resolution screen, Ubiq Mobile applications will always download just enough data to display on the currently available hardware. This approach allows users of low-end devices accessing content they would not otherwise consider downloading.