Ubiq Mobile for Business

Enter the mobile market! Ubiq Mobile takes away the high cost of mobile development, allowing you to deploy complex applications for all popular mobile platforms while having zero experience in mobile development. Cloud-based business logic ensures easy maintenance and seamless updates, while ultra-thin mobile clients are readily available in all relevant mobile app stores.

Easy Deployment

Ubiq Mobile is all about fast development speed and low cost of deployment. Our solution makes it easy to develop the most complex applications for Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone and Java ME devices without writing a single line of code specific to mobile hardware. Consider Ubiq Mobile a window into the mobile world, and develop sophisticated mobile interfaces to your existing systems.

Complex Business Logic in a Cloud

Ubiq Mobile applications work in a true client-server environment. The entire business logic of your application is implemented on a powerful cloud server by using numerous ready-made templates and components. Depending on the platform, mobile devices are running their own version of an ultra-thin client app that works as a window into the server.

Supports All Popular Mobile Devices

Ubiq Mobile applications work on all types of mobile devices from last versions of iPad with ultra-high resolution Retina displays to lowly entry-level cell phones only supporting Java apps. With the entire business logic implemented in a powerful cloud, even the simplest devices can run the most complex and computation-heavy applications just as well as their flashier counterparts.

Works on Every Network

Ubiq Mobile applications work in all types of networks from LTE to GPRS and require very little bandwidth, realizing significant savings in traffic costs especially where international roaming is concerned. Ubiq Mobile is designed to handle slow, unstable and unreliable connections in low level, providing seamless usage experience even in places where high-quality data coverage is not yet available.


Ubiq Mobile helps you save on application development, deployment and publishing, ensures additional savings on application maintenance and upgrades, and passes the savings on to your customers with its relaxed hardware requirements and extremely low bandwidth consumption.

Speeds Up Development

To speed up development, Ubiq Mobile features an Integrated Development Environment with a full range of templates and components implementing up to 80 per cent of a typical business application.

In addition, Ubiq Mobile includes ready-made client apps for all popular platforms including Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone and Java ME, sparing you from performing mobile development of any kind. Basic customizations such as adding your company name and logo will only take munutes, after which you are ready to publish in all relevant app stores. With Ubiq Mobile, you can deploy your application as soon as you are ready and without going through the hassle of your app being tested and certified every time you want to publish an update!