For Businesses

Be among the first to enter the mobile market with low-cost development, rapid deployment and true cross-platform compatibility.

For Wireless Providers

Ubiq Mobile apps work on every mobile device around, have modest connectivity requirements and work great even in slow and unstable networks.

For Developers

Rapid cross-platform development with .NET requires no platform-specific mobile development skills. Ready-made templates and components. True cloud-based architecture.

Rapid Development

Integrated development environment and true cross-platform compatibility make mobile development faster and easier.


Works Around the Globe

Cloud-based operation with ultra-thin clients are what makes Ubiq Mobile apps usable in urban and rural areas around the globe.

Cloud Computing

Cloud-based implementation of business logic along with an ultra-thin client enable support for all kinds of devices working in slow, unstable networks.

Runs Across Platforms

Ubiq Mobile apps work on Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone and Java-based phones and tablets.

Under Your Full Control

Ubiq Mobile apps run on your servers, ensuring hassle-free scalability, easy maintenance and instant deployment.

Ready-Made Mobile Client

You don’t have to develop or distribute mobile clients for all the different platforms. All Ubiq Mobile apps can be launched within a single, readily available client.

Maximum Efficiency

Thanks to server-side implementation, Ubiq Mobile apps are truly efficient, consuming minimum mobile traffic and requiring virtually no CPU resources on the mobile device.

All-in-one Solution

Convenient development environment, ready-made mobile client, numerous samples, components and templates reduce development time by some 80%.

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